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With the building of the new pavilion, thanks to a grant from FRRR and Michael Maxwell’s tireless efforts to make the new building available to the committee only hours prior to the Show kicking off for 2019, and Wee Waa Show seemed to go off without a hitch.

The new pavilion is a vast improvement on the old buildings with their cracked and moving concrete floors and ever-increasing leaks, so a huge congratulations to the Showground Trust for providing this massive underroof area for all to enjoy.

This year again has been hard on everyone associated with making a living from the land. Pressure from ongoing drought conditions has had an effect on all of the committee although everyone was still available to take on a job again this year to ensure the Wee Waa Show went ahead for 2019.

It was my pleasure to announce and present a Life Membership to Mr Phillip Melbourne, for his dedication and continued support of the Wood Chop at the show. Mr Melbourne has been the Head Steward for more years than he can care to remember, and he is still keen to ensure that the wood chop arena has a place centre stage at the show.

A Life Membership was presented to Mr Bill Humphries for his continued outstanding support for the Wee Waa Show Society in the transporting of cattle and sheep that have been used at the show. Bill and his drivers are always obliging to help us, and this is greatly appreciated. Many years BHT trucks have carted suitable cattle for the Camp draft over many kilometres to keep participants of camp drafting able to enjoy their sport. (Although not so much in the last few years).

I would like to thank Jana Collier for her continued support with being the Show Secretary and Treasurer this past year. Knowing how big a job it was and she was keen to do it, even though it was demanding at times, her patience and hard work did not go unnoticed.

A big thank you to the committee for being the ones that make the show happen year after year. Let’s hope that next year is wetter and greener than we could ever imagine.

With no show for 2020 due to Covid-19, which has seen the cancellation of many Agricultural Shows Australia wide, I only hope we bounce back bigger and better in 2021, and with that congratulate the election of a new incoming committee and President Gary Hibbens for 2021.

I would like to make mention the passing of Life Member, Mr WH Smith better known as Bill to many, Bill was a strong and proud advocate for the Wee Waa Show Society.


Brett Dickinson

Past President