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Current committee


Office Bearers

President Gary Hibbens
Vice President Peter Fenwick
Secretary Trish Dickinson
Assistant Secretary Anne Shearin
Treasurer Beth Drysdale

General Committee

Carol Armstrong Helen Haire
Colin Armstrong Michael Haire
Lyn Amalgro Susanne Kable
Leah Baguley Dianne Kelly
Anna Baird Natasha Maxwell
Olivia Bray Denice Jackson
John Burgess Belinda Radford
Brett Dickinson Janelle Schwager
Georgia Dickinson Leanne Schwager
Kate Dixon Anne Shearin
Jason Dixon Shirley Steele
Francis Drysdale James Woodrow

Life Members

Mrs M. L. Cameron Mr B. Waldron
Mrs M. J. Holcombe Mrs R. Barton
Mrs J. Hunt Mr W. Humphies
Fr T. Koppman Mr P. Melbourne
Mrs B. Mackey Mrs S. Smith
Mrs G. Parish Mr B. Dickinson
Mr J. Simshauser Mrs J. Schwager
Mr B. McMullin

2023 Show Office Hours

Please refer to the Showground Map for directions to the Wee Waa Show Office

Monday 21st Aug 10AM – 3PM
Tuesday 22nd Aug 10AM – 5PM
Wednesday 23rd Aug 10AM – 6PM
Thursday 24th Aug 9AM – 7PM
Friday 25th Aug 7:30AM – 8PM
Saturday 26th Aug 7:30AM – 8PM
Sunday 27th Aug 9AM – 2PM

*Office hours may vary

Many Hands Make Light Work!

We need your help in 2023! We welcome all helping hands, so whether you’d like to run a section or competition, or just want to donate an hour of your time to help in the setting up of our 2023 Show, we encourage anyone to come along and get involved.

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Imperial Hotel in Wee Waa. We encourage anyone interested to come along to a meeting.

If you would like to get involved with preparations for the 2023 Wee Waa Show, please get in touch!